Here We Go… (First Chemo Part 1)

10 Sep

September 10, 2010

I woke up feeling very strong and happy today.  I talked to my mom, dad, and sister and assured them that I feel positive, thankful, and not sad.  Bob is coming to get me and we’re making a stop at Panera before heading to the office.  So after today, there’s one less, right!?

I’m going with a heart filled with love for all the people in my life.  I know you’ll all be with me in spirit at 1:00 and that’s what is keeping me strong and happy.  Plus,  I’m bringing some very special items with me:

This picture was drawn by my friend Sonya’s 4-year son.  We “girls” were having coffee on Tuesday and he drew this picture for me.  He said it’s “you girls.”  I love it!  We’re all bald and I’m the big one in the middle–surrounded by my girls!  Thank you Beck! 

And it’s going inside my new purse!  When I met Marsha she was carrying this adorable purse.  I immediately told her how much I loved it and that it’s exactly the type of thing I would pick for myself.  So what did she do?  She sent me her purse!  She contacted Macy’s and tried to find one for me but they just don’t make them anymore so she sent me hers.  I couldn’t believe it–she gave up her darling purse for me!  What a gift of the heart.  So, “Marsha” is going with me too!

So, I’m off.  I’ll be in good hands and I’ll let you know how it went later tonight.

I love you all!


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