We’re Off To Utah!

1 Feb

January 24, 2011

(I forgot to post this before we left!)

Well, we’re finally on our way! It’s hard to believe that this all started 6 months ago and now here we are–packed and ready to go! We’re so excited and knowing that all of our friends and family are as excited as we are makes this whole adventure that much more fun and meaningful.

I’m planning to post vlogs and pictures so that you can experience this along with us and below is our Official Guide to Sundance!  (Sorry I didn’t do this… I was too caught up in the excitement!  Plus, I left my battery charger at home. I brought everything but the kitchen sink with me and forgot my battery charger!)

See you in Utah!

Watch the movie!
The movie premiere is streaming live on YouTube on Thursday (1/27) at 7pm CST. Link to YouTube channelifeinaday. Click on the link to screen the movie and stay tuned in for the live Q&A following the film.

Keep reading WhimsyGab! I’ll be posting while we’re there so be sure to subscribe or ad WhimsyGab to your favorites!

Fun Life in a Day stuff:

CBS News

Katie Couric

Official movie promo

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Sundance website


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