Sundance…Our Third Day!

7 Feb

February 7, 2011

Wednesday, January 26.

We quickly realized that plans change at a moment’s notice here in Sundance.

We thought our plans were set for Wednesday morning. Bob and Peggy would take in an early screening of Project Nim while Bobby and I would hang out together, hit the outside hot tub, go out for breakfast, and just relax.

Wrong! About 45 minutes after Bob and Peggy left for the screening, our hotel room door opened and Bob appeared. It turned out that the PR team tracked him down in the theatre and asked if we could do an interview for the German CNN ZDF-TV in 20 minutes. Oh my. My stomach began to flip wildly again as I quickly jumped out of bed and started tearing through our suitcases to get Bobby and myself ready. Now the beauty of having no hair is that I can get ready in half the time than I used to. 15 minutes later we were out the door and ready for our first International interview.

This interview was a little trickier because it was conducted via Skype. We spent an hour huddled together talking into a little green button on a computer but we did it and here we are…

Our German TV Interview

Hopefully it’s good but we don’t know! We’ll have to consult Bobby’s teacher to translate for us because he knows German and his wife is a German teacher. Very lucky for us!

With that interview behind us, we decided to hit Main Street lunch. This time we found a quaint little Mexican restaurant…

And then it was more sightseeing and photo snapping…

The official Sundance Channel building…

The Sundance marquee…

Resting tired feet…

But not for long! We grabbed a bus and headed back to the hotel to get ready for our sleigh ride. Long Johns were in order for this evening…

All bundled up, we were off to Stillman Ranch for our sleigh ride which took us by the river and through the woods under a beautiful Utah sky. This ride had it all…beautiful scenery, lots of laughter, and even an acrobatic show by Renat Ardilanov and Alexander Bayturin from Moscow (fellow film contributors), which I’m sure was a first for the people at Stillman Ranch…

After the sleigh ride, we were served a lovely dinner in a cozy and warm log cabin complete with a roaring fire and a guitar player who serenaded us throughout the evening…

And what better way to end the evening than with cardboard mailing tube sword/lightsaber dueling between the kids.

Another unforgettable evening.

Back at the hotel, Bob and Joe stayed up to talk “editing” but since that’s another language I can’t speak (!), Bobby and I headed back to the room to hit the sack.

Tomorrow was going to be a big day…

Life In A Day Premiere.

Stay tuned!


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