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Sweet October…

28 Oct

October 28, 2012

What a mixed bag of emotions this October has been…

The month began with the sweetest surprise, both literally and figuratively. Bobby’s good friend Jacob surprised me with this adorable cake…

Not only did he make the cake from scratch, but he designed it all on his own. Using a pattern he made himself, he cut the cake into a ribbon shape (no ribbon shaped cake pan for this baker), rolled out fondant, made the frosting and the cake…everything from scratch. It was beautiful, and probably one of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted. Bobby obviously agreed…

I see a future Food Network star here… and future CEO of  Jake’s Cakes Inc. Thank you Jacob for this incredibly touching and tasty start to Breast Cancer Awareness month. You are a special guy with a special family, and we are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

Then the October issue of Lake County Magazine came out with an article about Hope and Fundraising. A few weeks earlier I had received a call from a writer who was doing a story on fundraising. We had a lovely conversation which resulted in a wonderful article that touched on my blog, ACS fundraising, my dolls, and our Life In A Day experience. We were so excited to see the magazine when we were out one night that I grabbed 8 copies. Bobby then told me that I should have left some for others to read. Hmmm, how did he become the voice of reason at age 9? Well, the article is below!

Cathy in LC Magazine

On October 21st, my team Cathy and Her 2 Bobs took to the pavement and walked in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event at Independence Grove. My sisters-in-law Diane and Jennifer, and nieces Kylee and Nicki (in spirit!) made the day so very special for me. They surprised me with our team sweatshirts…

Diane made the greatest team sign…

And of course, we had our traditional post-walk breakfast at Wildberry…

Along with hundreds of other people with the same idea.  But we waited it out HALTS and all…

And left HALT-less and happy.

Our close friends Jill, Robert, Laura, Nick, and CJ rounded out the team with the quote of the day going to 5-year old CJ when, after having walked long enough, he said “Mom, why are you making me do this?”

He doesn’t know it now but someday I hope he’ll know that he made his friend Bobby and Bobby’s mom very happy by being there that day!

And of course in my thoughts and prayers all the time is my dad. This has been a rough month for him. He’s been through hell and back but the blessing here is “back.” He’s on his way back.

The combination of chemo and radiation has been brutal. There is really no other way to describe it. It took a toll on him both physically and emotionally but even so, he was determined to keep going for his radiation treatments. The will he had to keep pushing through is none other than amazing, and a testament to the human spirit and my dad’s amazing strength.

He’s now 3 weeks out of treatments and feeling stronger day by day. Not by leaps and bounds but just little by little. And we’ll certainly take that.

The next milestone will be confirmation that the treatments did what they were intended to do. In my heart I know they did but we just have to hear the words from the doctor.

So yes, October was a mixed bag of emotions with many ups and downs. It was very tough and we felt very sad at times, but it was also very happy and we felt very grateful at times. Through it all though, we felt hopeful. We feel hopeful. Always hopeful.

And that’s a sweet way to end October…


Herceptin: A Piece of Cake

26 Aug

August 26, 2011

I just finished my very last Herceptin treatment–and 2 weeks early to boot. I guess I was sprung from the Big House early for good behavior! So now I’m officially on the maintenance plan (somewhat like Weight Watchers I guess.)

I didn’t realize until I walked out today (feeling very light-hearted) just how heavy these treatments were weighing on my mind. Even though I’ve been given an excellent prognosis and am considered cancer-free, walking into the doctor office every three weeks was still a constant reminder of cancer, and was quite unnerving.

Looking back at my post from last year on my first day of Herceptin (Herceptin: A Piece of Cake), I was feeling really sad. But today… not at all. I’m happy… I’m done… And I’m going to celebrate!

How am I going to celebrate?

With cake of course. A big piece of No-More-Herceptin cake…

Happy No-More-Herceptin Day to us!

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